So I have been making myself write a little bit every day this week and I think it’s paying off. I’ve been feeling pretty defeated about this book for a little bit now. Everything I write seems to need a huge effort to even get the words on the page, as if I’m pulling each sentence out of heavy mud. I keep telling myself something down on paper is what matters, and I can smooth it out later on. But I’ve been pretty harsh with myself, which is so not cool, because I would not be this harsh with anyone else.

~Anyway~ today I wrote something that maybe wasn’t awful! It was a full scene and I feel like maybe I’ve finally recaptured the tone from the beginning few chapters of Book Two before I took the hiatus to go back to working on Book One. But, this definitely calls for a celebration! (And I had one, a lovely glass of Malbec to be precise. Perhaps it was just what the writing needed?)

I’m about to ramp up to the climax and all that fun stuff, so I’m hopeful it will be slightly smoother sailing from here on out. And rewrites are powerful, or so I keep telling myself.

Two other things!

  1. I’m quite excited about February’s writing prompt. It’s a picture for the first time (and I’m not sure I can post it because of rights and what not) but I’ll have to try to explain it when the time comes. Also, writing group is taking a “field trip” in February to see a play (one of our members is working on what is going to be an awesome play and we wanted to do research). Long story short, fun things are coming down the line.
  2. Alan Rickman died today and the news destroyed my morning. There was something about that man that radiated positivity for all the villains he portrayed. His masterful acting aside, he seemed to have a kind heart, which seems to be supported by all the outpouring of love I’m seeing today from those who knew him. One of my favorite of his roles was in Sense & Sensibility. Who would have thought he could play such a hero. But that is a love story (Marianne’s) that I adore beyond words. How does your heart not tumble over it? From what I’ve been reading, Rickman seemed heavily invested in stories. One of my favorite quotes I’ve seen from him today: “It’s not just work, it’s your life. And it’s a human need to be told stories. The more we’re governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies, the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are, why we are, where we come from, and what might be possible. Or, what’s impossible? What’s a fantasy?”

GOD, if that doesn’t make you want to write, what would?!

Here’s to whatever inspires you, makes you want to tell a story. Go forth. Life is short. Live big.



ps. I like using the word minx in banter. I realize this about myself. I’m going to try to limit myself to once a book? Maybe twice …

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