Brianna Labuskes

Best-selling author of historical fiction & psychological thrillers

"Books are a way we leave a mark on the world, aren't they? They say we were here, we loved and we grieved and we laughed and we made mistakes and we existed."
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Wall Street Journal, Amazon Charts and Washington Post best-selling author.

Bri loves reading and writing in two of her favorite genres: psychological thrillers and historical fiction. She got her start in romance with a small publisher and still adores swoon-worthy meet-cutes. You can find that strong sense of relationship-building in all of Bri’s work. She spent the first decade-plus-change of her career in D.C. journalism and thus knows too much about the Ways & Means Committee as well as the best way to avoid traffic on the Beltway. She now lives in Asheville, N.C., with her pup, Jinx. 

Her last name is pronounced La-bus-kiss (it’s okay, no one gets it right!)

You can find Bri on Twitter, where she’ll most likely be recommending her latest read, or on Instagram posting pictures of her pup. 

She loves hearing from readers most of all, so feel free to send her a message. 

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Best Selling Books

A Familiar Sight has everything I crave in a thriller: a shocking, addictive female lead, unexpected twists that snapped off the page, and an ending that made me gasp out loud. I never saw it coming, but it was perfectly in sync with the razor-sharp balance between creepy and compelling that Labuskes carries throughout the novel. This is a one-sitting read.

Jess Lourey, best-selling author of Unspeakable Things