Writing Group: May Prompt

So! I have been a little MIA both in writing in general and life. For a ridiculous reason. That has to do with the greatest love story of our generation, aka Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson aka Larry Stylinson. (I will actually fight you if you say one bad word about either of them, or [...]


So I have been making myself write a little bit every day this week and I think it's paying off. I've been feeling pretty defeated about this book for a little bit now. Everything I write seems to need a huge effort to even get the words on the page, as if I'm pulling each [...]

Writer’s Block

Writer's block, writer's block, writer's block. It's real. It's haunting me. What do you do to get over it? I'm vacillating between taking time off and powering through. I think powering through is the best option. Sometimes just putting words on paper, no matter how crappy you might think they are, is what needs to [...]