London, 1812 Gemma Lancaster held her breath and stood perfectly still as if that would make her invisible. It wasn’t a good strategy. She knew this. But the only other option was gathering enough courage to pry one of her eyelids open to see who had come into the room. It took her a few [...]

Writing Group: November 2016 Prompt

This month's writing group was our one year anniversary and it was absolutely as lovely and wonderful as always. We celebrated our unending support and encouragement for each other with wine and fries and it was delightful. Yay us! This week's prompt was from a poem that I absolutely fell in love with (An Almost [...]

A Conversation: Miss Rose Wellesley & Miss Gemma Lancaster

Once my heroine Gemma Lancaster heard about the Battle of the Lords that went down a few weeks ago, she became very insistent on having a very civilized *thank you very much* chat with fellow independent lady Miss Rose Wellesley, the (clearly) most important character of How to Play the Game of Love, by Harmony Williams. Beware, [...]

Pen And Paper

There's a certain romanticism in writing things out by hand. It can conjure up images of sparks of brilliance only just contained by ink by a writer hunched over a cafe table sipping a cappuccino in Paris ... et.cet et. cet. In reality, I find it to be frustrating and unwieldy -- at least when [...]

Catching Up

Please excuse my absence! I have been quite neglectful, but I have somewhat OK reasons. I swear. Ish. All of my edits on Book One came back -- line edits, substantive edits, copy edits -- and they were a beast to get through! But like awesome and fun and challenging and they made my book [...]