A strong plot and unforgettable characters make this a winner. Labuskes is on a roll.

Publishers Weekly on A Familiar Sight

As Labuskes cuts between the present and past segments from weeks, months, years, and decades before Claire’s death, it becomes disturbingly more and more clear that “genetics loaded the gun, environment pulled the trigger.” A horrific brew for readers willing to immerse themselves in it.

Kirkus Review of A Familiar Sight

“A Familiar Sight has everything I crave in a thriller: a shocking, addictive female lead, unexpected twists that snapped off the page, and an ending that made me gasp out loud. I never saw it coming, but it was perfectly in sync with the razor-sharp balance between creepy and compelling that Labuskes carries throughout the novel. This is a one-sitting read.”

Jess Lourey, best-selling author of Unspeakable Things


“Labuskes offers an intense mystery with an excellent character in Lucy, who methodically uncovers layers of deceit while trusting no one.”

Library Journal review

Labuskes skillfully ratchets up the suspense. Readers will eagerly await her next.

Publishers Weekly review of Her Final Words


“In this excellent thriller … readers who enjoy having their expectations upset will be richly rewarded.”

Starred review from Publishers Weekly

Girls of Glass is a gritty, shocking, and impressively twisted psychological thriller that will keep you riveted until you turn the very last page. Brianna Labuskes writes stunning suspense, highly recommended for fans of intricately plotted, fast-moving mysteries.”

Melinda Leigh, WSJ and #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author.

“I was totally gripped by this dark and captivating book. Filled with secrets and lies, it held my interest from the very first page. A highly recommended read.”

Caroline Mitchell, USA Today Bestseller


“Once in a while a character comes along that gets under your skin and refuses to let go. This is the case with Brianna Labuskes’s Clarke Sinclair—a cantankerous, rebellious, and somehow endearingly likable FBI agent with a troubled past. I was immediately pulled into Clarke’s broken, shadow-filled world and her quest for justice and redemption. A stunning thriller, It Ends With Her is not to be missed.”

Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times bestselling author

It Ends With Her is a gritty, riveting, roller-coaster ride of a book. Brianna Labuskes has created a layered, gripping story around a cast of characters that readers will cheer for. … Highly recommended for fans of smart thrillers with captivating heroines.”

Nicole Baart, author of Little Broken Things

“An engrossing psychological thriller filled with twists and turns—I couldn’t put it down! The characters were filled with emotional depth. An impressive debut!”

Elizabeth Blackwell, author of In the Shadow of Lakecrest

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